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Electric screwdriver use method and precautions

1. Operation method
1. When connecting or removing the bit of an Electric Screwdriver, push the screwdriver cap upward with your fingertips.
2. Plug in the power supply and set the switch to the "F" position, install the screwdriver head, and adjust the position of the torque required to tighten the screw in advance.
3. Manually press the switch to press the plate to start, pull the squeeze plate machine to its own direction, and then the switch will turn "ON" to start the motor operation and start operating the lock screw.
When the screw lock exceeds the set torque, the clutch will automatically slip, the screwdriver head stops rotating, and the job is completed.
4. When the switch platen is released, the power of the screwdriver is turned off and the motor stops working. Repeated operations can continue to use. If you want to loosen the screw, the switch should be placed in the "R" position, and you can complete it by pressing the above operation.
5. The adjustment torque is adjusted by the torque adjustment ring at the bottom. The number of segments of the body itself does not represent the output torque value, but is expressed by a Torque Meter.
6. The screwdriver head adjusts the relationship between the number of torque segments and its own output torque.
2. Preparation before use
1. Check whether the voltage is normal.
2. According to the shape of the screw to be locked, equip the screwdriver head.
3. Adjust the torque of the locked product
Three, repair and maintenance
1. If the continuous use time is too long, the motor should be stopped when it heats up, and it can be used after it is completely cooled.
2. After the daily operation is completed, it should be cleaned and maintained to extend the service life.

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