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What does the electric screwdriver torque 3NM mean?

People often ask what does the Electric Screwdriver torque 3NM mean? The electric screwdriver torque 3N.M means that the torque applied by the screwdriver to the tightened screw is 3 N.m. Once this torque is exceeded, the twisting head will automatically slip. This tool is generally used for precise screw fixation. Torque in physics is the magnitude of moment, equal to the product of force and moment arm, the international unit is Newton meter N*m.
In physics, the tendency of a force to rotate an object around a rotation axis or fulcrum is called a torque. Torque is also called torque. Moment can cause an object to change its rotational movement. Pushing or pulling involves force, while torsion involves moment.
Torque is equal to the cross product of radial vector and force. In short, a torque is a torsional force applied to objects such as bolts or flywheels. For example, tighten the bolt or nut with the opening of the wrench, and then turn the wrench. This action will generate torque to turn the bolt or nut. According to the International System of Units, the unit of torque is Newton meters. The connection quality of torque screwdriver fasteners directly affects the use quality of various instruments, electromechanical equipment, household appliances and other products to the reliability of these products. Therefore, torque tools such as torque screwdrivers are gradually being used more and more in industrial production.
Functional principle of torque screwdriver: ‍The preset torque screwdriver can set the torque value in advance. When the screwed fastener reaches the predetermined torque value, the clutch inside the screwdriver will automatically disengage and send out "click, click, click... ", and you can feel this movement with your hands. At this time, even if you continue the afterburner operation, it will not exceed the preset limit.

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