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What brand of electric screwdriver is good?

An Electric Screwdriver is what we usually call an electric screwdriver. It is a common tool used with screws to tighten or loosen screws, but the electric screwdriver is completely different from ordinary screwdrivers. It uses electricity as the driving force. Therefore, there are a lot of precautions that need to be paid attention to in the use process. What do you need to pay attention to during the use of electric screwdrivers? What is the use of electric screwdrivers? Here is a brief introduction.

1. Tools/Raw Materials
Quick Action Electronic Electric Screwdriver
2. Method steps
1. When connecting or removing the screwdriver head, push the screwdriver cap upward with your fingertips.
2. Insert the power supply and set the switch to the "F" position, install the screwdriver head, and adjust the position of the torque segment required to tighten the screw in advance.
3. Manually press the switch to press the plate to start, pull the buckle machine to its own direction, and then the switch will turn "ON" to start the motor and start operating the lock screw. When the screw lock exceeds the set torque, the clutch will automatically slip, the screwdriver head stops rotating, and the job is completed.
4. When the hand-pressing switch is released, the power of the screwdriver will be turned off and the motor will stop working. Repeated operations can continue to use. If you want to loosen the screw, the switch should be placed in the "R" position, and you can complete it by pressing the above operation.
5. The adjusting torque is adjusted by the torque adjusting ring at the bottom. The number of segments of the fuselage itself does not represent the output torque value, it is expressed by a Torque Meter.
6. The screwdriver head adjusts the relationship between the number of torque segments and its own output torque.

Three, matters needing attention
1. Check whether the voltage is normal.
2. According to the shape of the screw to be locked, equip the screwdriver head.
3. Adjust the torque of the locked product
4. If the continuous use time is too long, the motor should be stopped when it heats up, and it can be used after it is completely cooled.
5. After the daily operation is completed, it should be cleaned and maintained to extend the service life.
6. Regarding the question of what brand of electric screwdriver is good, Sudong Electronics has a great say. The series of electric screwdrivers produced by it have truly achieved that every detail is considered for users. The first is to have a strong motor. This allows every consumer to find an electric screwdriver that suits their needs, whether it is aluminum alloy or hardwood, they can easily drill holes; and the design of the forward and reverse switch and the speed control dial can accurately set the speed And torque, more suitable for a variety of occasions; in the tool batch position is equipped with Stanley's special dust-proof ball bearing and bearing support system design, which greatly extends the service life of the machine; and it is ergonomic The design makes one-handed operation easy and convenient.

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